Downloadable Questionnaire for Various Legal Scenarios

Prior to our initial meeting, we’d like you to download and fill out the best matching questionnaire for your legal needs. Your answers to these forms will help us get to know you better and allow for a more efficient and productive first meeting.



A conservatorship allows an appointed legal guardian of a minor or an incapacitated adult to have a fiduciary position.

Estate Planning (Single)

Our questionnaire for estate planning is ideal for anyone who wants their current estate plan reviewed or created.

Estate Planning (Couple)

This form is for any couple desiring to have their current wills, trusts, and estate plans reviewed or created.

Nonprofit Corporation Formation

When planning to start a nonprofit company, like a charity or a service organization, fill out this form.

Special Needs Trust

This questionnaire is for those who want to distribute their assets to a disabled or incapacitated person while preserving governmental benefits.


If you’ve lost a loved one and are in need of representation in the probate court for their assets, fill out this form.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Complete this questionnaire form when planning to establish an LLC.


To start the process of acquiring, selling, or starting a corporation, fill out our form today.

Prenuptial Agreement

This form is for couples who want to get a prenuptial agreement before their marriage.

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